the MACH 8 reinvents the concept of sweeping.
The MACH 8 industrial sweeper is the first cleaning machine in the world to introduce BULLsystem® technology. Thanks to this patent, the MACH 8 combines the efficiency of direct forward throw sweeping with the maneuverability and loading capacity of a sweeper with a front driving position. A new solution, for the best results.
  • What makes the MACH 8 so unique?

    The MACH 8 is a revolutionary machine because it is the first machine to introduce the BULLsystem®. Thanks to this original technology from MACH, the machine offers the advantages of a front driving position and automotive steering system, which provides total visibility to the operator, and the efficiency of true sweeping which can only be delivered with the direct forward throw technique.

    Until today, to fit a forward throw debris loading system, a machine had to have the driving position behind the sweeping system, therefore compromising visibility and drivability.

    With the arrival of the BULLsystem® sweeping will never be the same again: maximum cleaning power, combined with maximum visibility.

    Other advantages introduced thanks to the BULLsystem® are the possibility to compact debris with ease, fully utilizing the space inside the dirt container (also known as the hopper), and the ability of the machine to pass over speed bumps.

  • What is the second right side brush (or auxiliary brush) for?

    The MACH 8 is available with side brushes on both right and left sides (the left brush is optional), which direct into the sweeping path debris and residues that can be difficult to collect because they are hidden in corners or under the recesses of machinery and warehouse racks. These brushes can be assisted by a water nebulizing system to control dust, this is particularly useful in environments that are sensitive to raising dust during operation. On the right side the MACH 8 is fitted with not just one brush, but with a double side brush system. The presence of two brushes, that are positioned close together, permits deeper cleaning but above all prevents the possible accumulation of debris during curves, a phenomenon known to operators as sweeper trailing.     

  • In which applications is the cabin version useful?

    The cabin version of the MACH 8 floor cleaning machine has been developed for different reasons and is in fact available in several versions. The cabin safeguards the operator from bad weather, from objects which could fall from above and from dust. The air conditioning system also guarantees the comfort of the driver in different operating conditions and temperatures.

  • How do you carry out maintenance on the MACH 8 sweeper?

    The engine of this industrial ride on sweeper, like every other component, is installed in a convenient and accessible position, so that operators and mechanics have quick access for checks, adjustments and necessary maintenance. The body, made completely in steel, is made up on interlocking panels: for easy access to internal parts without the need for tools. The side brushes can also be connected and disconnected rapidly, and the main brush can be hydraulically lifted to provide full access for inspection and replacement.

  • What is direct forward throw sweeping?

    The two principle ways for a sweeper to load debris are via direct forward throw technique or via overthrow technique.  

    To effectively remove debris and dust from the floor, the sweepers main brush rotates backwards, that is to say, in the opposite direction to the machines forward movement. With a direct forward throw sweeper, the brush pushes the debris into a hopper in front of the brush. An overthrow sweeper picks up debris and lifts it over the brush, depositing into a hopper at the rear of the machine.

    Direct forward throw sweeping is ideal for collecting heavy material, but until today this system was installed only on machines with the hopper positioned at the front of the machine, therefore limiting the visibility of the driver.

    The overthrow method doesnt pose problems of visibility given that the hopper is in a rear position, but it doesnt offer the same sweeping power as the other system. To obtain results the brush needs to rotate quicker than normal, therefore leading to greater wear on the bristles and to dust being raised during operation.

    The MACH 8 is the first machine with a direct forward throw system, mounted in the rear of the machine, that delivers the highest quality cleaning, without compromising the visibility of the operator and therefore how easy the machine is to operate.  

MACH 8 | industrial sweeper


The MACH 8 is a powerful, heavy-duty sweeper, with a wide cleaning path (up to 2.310 mm).

It is an extremely robust sweeper (both the machine’s chassis and body are made of steel) and is high performing even in the collection of large quantities of dust and gravel.

The superior features and dirt container capacity (up to 500 L) make the MACH 8  the perfect solution to quickly clean large areas that are extremely dusty or dirty, in any application, which includes demanding environments such as heavy industries.

The innovative design of the MACH 8  – the only machine on the market that offers direct forward throw sweeping and a driving position at the front of the machine with an automotive steering system – makes this industrial sweeper particularly maneuverable. This is a great advantage in contexts, where it is necessary to carry out cleaning not only quickly but with great precision, due to the presence of confined and congested spaces. For example, in logistics warehouses where goods are constantly being moved.

The MACH 8 is easy to drive, with a compact turning radius, it has the perfect dimensions to clean the corridors between one stock rack and another (average width of 3.000 mm) in modern logistics centers.

The highlight of the MACH 8  is its capability to pass over speed bumps and manage sudden changes in gradient. The new machine from MACH is in fact the only machine on its kind which offers a practical solution to this problem, an impossible task for any other industrial sweeper.

For this reason, and the fact that the MACH 8  can overcome gradients of 21% without losing power, the machine is well suited to clean large parking areas (open air, covered and multistory).

MACH 8 | BULLsystem®

This technology from MACH gives you a machine with direct forward throw sweeping and a front driving position. This guarantees maximum performance in debris collection and maximum handling during operation.

MACH 8 Direct forward throw sweeping
Direct forward throw sweeping

This sweeping method delivers the best cleaning results. It efficiently manages both fine dust and heavy or bulky debris.

MACH 8 Loadbooster®

The dirt container (also known as the hopper), with rear hydraulic lift, is made completely in steel and has a capacity of 500 L. The high dump system (which lifts to a height of 1.580 mm) effectively compacts debris, utilizing all the available space in the container, before having to stop operation to empty.

MACH 8 | Automotive steering system
Automotive steering system

The driving position at the front of the machine, together with an automotive steering system and controls, and front wheel steering, make this powerful sweeper particularly intuitive to drive.         

MACH 8 | Gradient Booster®
Gradient Booster®

This hydraulic device reduces forward speed to always have the maximum torque available and is useful to overcome obstacles or steep gradients of up to 21%.  

MACH 8 | Independent twin front wheels
Independent twin front wheels

Rotating around the same pivot, but in opposite directions, the twin front wheels guarantee better stability, reduced wear of the tyre, a tight turning radius, and easy steering from a standing position.

MACH 8 Compact turning radius
Compact turning radius

The steered front wheels, short wheel base and tapered design of the rear part of the machine, allow a 180-degree turn to be completed with a turning radius of just 2.535 mm

MACH 8 | Driveover® System
Driveover® System

The MACH 8 has been designed to pass over different height speed bumps without problems, an impossible task for other sweepers.

MACH 8 | Double side brush
Double side brush

On the right side of the machine, which is key when cleaning along curbs and when making turns, there is not just one, but two side brushes therefore raising the standard of cleaning and avoiding the loss of debris during a curve (a phenomenon known as sweeper trailing). A left side brush is also available as an optional.

MACH 8 | 13 m2 Multipocket® Filter
13 m2 Multipocket® Filter

The MACH 8 is fitted with an antistatic filter, which is washable, with an automatic shaking system for the cleaning of the filter. The smart design of the filter (without tight corners) and its large dimensions, guarantee high filtering performance that is maintained over time. 

MACH 8 |Automatic cleaning of the filter
Automatic cleaning of the filter

A unique filter shaker automatically activates at the end of operation, in order to shake out dust residues from the filter. It is important to note that the vibrations that shake the filter are only transmitted to the material of the filter and not to the structure of the filter case. This is a fundamental detail which prevents wear of the casing and gaskets.

MACH 8 | Engine cooling system with frontal radiator
Engine cooling system with frontal radiator

The forward position of the radiator guarantees a greater flow of air to cool the engine and avoids the risk of filter blockages due to dust being sucked in.

MACH 8 | Made completely in steel
Made completely in steel

The chassis and body are made of thick steel which is varnished, guaranteeing maximum resistance even in tough conditions.

Multibristle® main brush MACH 8
Multibristle® main brush

The special MACH brushes with rows of mixed bristles in a chevron pattern are the secret to collecting debris of different weight, without having to substitute the brushes.

SharkCap® antijam brush protection system - MACH 8

The toothed SharkCap® antijam brush protection system prevents the brush and bearings from being damaged by string and plastic or metal filaments, therefore safeguarding both brush performance and lifespan

Wet side brush dust control
Wet side brush dust control

The side brushes of the MACH 8 can be equipped with an optional water nebulizing system to keep down dust during operation. Thanks to the 66 L high capacity stainless steel tank, water flow is guaranteed throughout the entire duration of cleaning.

MACH 8 | Super elastic or pneumatic tyres
Super elastic or pneumatic tyres

Eliminate the risk of punctures and obtain maximum stability with super elastic tyres or choose optional pneumatic tyres which are designed to better absorb shocks and vibrations. Fitted on the machine with an automotive system the tyres are interchangeable

MACH 8 | Driver’s cabin
Driver’s cabin

Security and driving comfort are increased thanks to a high visibility cabin, complete with air conditioning, heating and wipers. The unique design offers maximum protection to the operator and provides full visibility of the right-side brush during sweeping.

MACH 8 | Kubota engine
Kubota engine

The MACH 8 is equipped with a 1.500 cm3, 4-cylinder, Kubota engine which is liquid cooled. Kubota is a guarantee of quality and offers a worldwide service network.


Mechanical drum brakes are oversized to eliminate electronic cards and over exertion by the operator/ Mechanical handbrake / Roll bar to protect operator’s neck / Seat belt / Automotive indicator lights / Seat pressure sensor / Reverse beeper / Flashing light…these are just some of the safety features used by MACH to guarantee maximum safety. 


An additional extendible brush which cleans agilely along walls and can easily access recesses, steps, and dips in the floor surface. Controlled via a convenient joystick, it increases the BULL 200’s cleaning path width up to 2.265 mm.


  • MACH 8 HDK – with 1,500 cm3, 4-cylinder, 36 hp Kubota engine with liquid cooling.
  • MACH 8  HGK LPG – with 1537 cm3,  4-cylinder, 42,6/44,8 Hp (Petrol / LPG) Kubota engine with liquid cooling.


  • INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTURING: Paper mills, cement works, glassworks, foundries, brickworks, sawmills, power plants, distilleries…
  • LOGISTICS: warehouses, logistics hubs, food storage facilities, ports and airports, grain and seed stores, fruit and vegetable wholesale markets…
  • PUBLIC AREAS: town centers, pedestrian areas, cycle lanes, car parking, concert and event venues…
  • OTHER SECTORS: multistory and open-air car parking, regional airports, hospitals, exhibition centers, shopping centers, resorts, holiday villages, stadiums, sports centers, theme parks and recycling centers.  


Concrete, porcelain tile, road surfaces, quartz finished concrete, paving stones, self-blocking paving stones, porphyry, sanpietrini (cobblestones), asphalt and any other floor types in any condition.

Cleaning path with two side brushes2.100 mm2.100 mm
Cleaning path with side brush1.700 mm1.700 mm
Cleaning path with main brush1.270 mm1.270 mm
Dirt container capacity500 L500 L
High dump height1.580 mm1.580 mm
Forward speed13,5 km/h14 km/h
Hourly performance28.350 m²/h 29.400 m²/h
Filter typeMultipocket® / 13 m²Multipocket® / 13 m²
Traction controlHydraulicHydraulic
Traction motorHydraulicHydraulic
Diesel engineDiesel Kubota, 1.500 cm3, a 4 cilindri / 36 hpPetrol/LPG, 1.537 cm3, 4-cylinder 42,6/44,8 Hp, Kubota
Weight (basic version)2.054 kg 2.054 kg
Dimensions – with side brushes (l x w x h)2.755 x 2.080 x 2.050 mm 2.755 x 2.080 x 2.050 mm
Dimensions – without side brushes (l x w x h)2.635 x 1.750 x 2.050 mm 2.635 x 1.750 x 2.050 mm
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